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I am thrilled to announce the launch of this new project: Psalms & Hymns  for worship.  My artist-in-residency has been fruitful, and I believe these are the best songs I have written. I invite you to visit my Kickstarter page, hear the story behind the music, and join me in making this project a success. […]

The Gettys on the “lost art” of writing for congregations I read this and couldn’t resist sharing.  The Gettys are so right–most of the music being marketed as worship music today is written and arranged to make for a good listening experience.  Writing good congregational pieces is an art.  I’m glad the Gettys are trying to […]

Hey folks.  I don’t often use this blog to promote my own music, but I have something I’m so excited about that I have to share it.  As some of you know, when I’m not doing church music, I work as a singer/songwriter in the folk-soul-jazz tradition.  I recently released a new album, and I […]