why this blog?

I am writing this blog for a few reasons, some modest, some outlandish.

1) I have a lot of thoughts and opinions about music in church, and I want to have those ideas sharpened and corrected by interaction with other people.  (So please comment!)

2) I work as a church musician, and I love it.  I want to challenge and encourage other musicians to pour their talent and energy into building up the Body of Christ through the creation of the best music they can make for corporate worship.

3) I want to encourage talented songwriters to pen songs for use in corporate worship, and I want to channel their energies in the right direction to begin doing that.

4) I want to see beautiful music acting as an agent of God’s work through which He transforms and renews the cultural life of individual churches and eventually the Church universal.  Music is capable of being a tremendous bridge builder–it can connect us to the past and the future, and it can connect us horizontally to other people from whom we might otherwise be estranged.  Schisms cannot be undone with music alone, but good music can help.  : )

5) I want the Church to have the best, most creative, tasteful, beautiful, breathtaking music in the world, directed toward the worship of God.  And I want the rest of the world to be asking, “How/Why do they do that?”


10 Responses to “why this blog?”

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for your blog. It is very extensive and thought provoking. I wanted to let you know I have provided a link to your blog on my own: http://spiritedandsinging.blogspot.com

    Thanks for all your words – great stuff.


  2. 3 AM

    Thank you for the neuroscience article!

    Understanding how the Creator designed us to be happy must surely help a modern world take his directions better 🙂

  3. Interesting to hear from an actual writer of (what I gather is) strictly evangelical church music. I’d like to know to whom you reckon to be writing so that their own personal act of worship is, in itself, fulfilling.

    My own aim is just that, but for the classical musician who is nowadays less likely to find satisfyingly helpful music in church. I write words only, working with composers.

  4. 5 Steve James

    Im enjoying reading your blog.. It resonates with what Ive been doing thru Jubilate hymns in the UK – like the stuff on leading singing and getting people to sing… thanks!

  5. Love the blog. We would love to touch base with you sometime about how we are using Broadway-style Christian musicals to help the church reach the lost. Keep up the good work!

  6. I can’t believe I haven’t found this blog until now. Great stuff! I really love your articles about why congregational singing is important. Very encouraging to hear other church musicians thinking critically and engaging with their congregations in real and challenging ways.

    • 8 churchmusicblog

      Thanks! So glad you are enjoying it. I’m working on another round of posts.

  7. Love this as I am currently writing a book on the purpose of the ministry of music. I have also developed a mobile app for choirs that we are really excited about. Would love to share.

  8. Play on, brother…this and you are a blessing. I just stumbled into this and your music after church. “Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates” was in my head after church, and I wanted to pump it up at home while preparing for the week back at school tomorrow…

    WOW. Astonished by grace.

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