disappearance of public singing in American life


The Atlantic Monthly posted a thoughtful piece recently on the trend in American life away from public singing.  The author seems intuitively to know many of the things I talk about on this blog–that singing together is good for our souls, that we’re designed to sing together.  It’s a good read.  Here’s a link.

This is an area where the Church has an opportunity!  Rather than complain about how American culture is rotting and wasting away, we can simply demonstrate a better way.  The Church should be a singing community, no matter what happens in the rest of American cultural life.  If the culture drifts further into isolating tendencies, the Christian community, in its embracing of corporate singing and the community life such singing fosters, will shine all the more brightly.

In the words of the old hymn, “Come, Christians, join to sing!”


4 Responses to “disappearance of public singing in American life”

  1. 1 Will


  2. Will – I have just stumbled on your Blog and may I add a hearty “Amen.” I have been saying similar things over on my blog “Singing Church” http://singingchurch.blogspot.com/ I have added a link to your blog. Its exciting to find someone else prioritizing congregational singing.

    • 3 churchmusicblog

      Peter, good to e-meet you. I haven’t been keeping the blog moving too quickly lately, but I’m glad to connect with others that are thinking about the same things. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Great point. You are right to suggest God’s people should take the lead. Absolutely!

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