O Worship the King


Here’s my take on how to make O Worship the King work for corporate worship when leading with a guitar.  I play the song and then talk about how I’m doing it and why.  Chord chart here.

I think it’s a beautiful song, with Robert Grant’s great imagery from Psalm 104 and a beautiful, singable melody from Johann Michael Haydn (brother of the better known Austrian composer Franz Joseph Haydn, who taught Beethoven).  Do you use this song at your church?  Would you consider using it?  Why or why not?


4 Responses to “O Worship the King”

  1. 1 Dave

    Thanks, Wendell! I think I will take this on and learn it.

  2. 2 John

    Sounds great! I like the strumming technique

  3. 3 Judd Sands

    Thanks so much for the video you posted of the hymns. I love to worship The Lord on guitar and the songs you picked out are really great.
    The reason being I like songs that talk about how great The Lord is and declare his triumph. Sometimes certain songs old and new are too self centered and leave us in the mirey clay of dispair and sin. Singing to Jesus and pouring are hearts out before brings the freedom.Plus I really liked how you played the guitar. It brought joy and life to the song.I believe a poor spirit can receive from The Lord no matter what song is played because their eyes are on The Lord not the song.( woman with the issue of blood) But we need to be led of The Spirit and discerning as to what direction to go in a gathering. Wendell you provided some really nice examples of uplifting praise and worship. Thanks and God Bless
    If you’re ever in Ocean City Md let me know!

  4. 4 Lori

    This is GREAT! Old becomes new again!! Thanks for sharing your gifts.

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